Hear AI

Breaking down the barriers towards better fomunication

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Polish Sign Language Recognition with AI

Hear AI is a non-profit, educational project. We are group of ML enthusiasts under mentors’ supervision who want to build AI solutions for general good, while networking and gaining experience.

What and why?

Deaf people are affected by many forms of exclusion, especially now in pandemic world. HEAR AI aim is to build deep learning solution to make the world more accessible for the Deaf community and increasing existing knowledge base in using AI for Polish Sign Language.


Main tasks:

  • development of project website, cooperate with co-organizers,
  • working on segmentation and detection of signs,
  • increasing existing knowledge base and public awareness.

Technologies used: Python, Pytorch

Methods used: Deep Neural Networks, Hand Pose Estimation, Segmentation, Gesture Recognition


Main works:

Github code:

Learn more about the project

Project’s website: https://www.hearai.pl